The machines from SMTE are basically focused on eliminating risky operations. Our products are designed to provide safer and better working environment and more rational handling.

The many years of experience we have accumulated from the mining and steel industries have given us the specialist expertise which enables us to solve problems in many associated fields.

Many products have been hatched as a rough scetch on the table cloth at the discussion table, and then used for further development. An important element is our meeting with the customer, during which we listen to the client′s requirements and consider the problem in its setting. Close cooperation with the customer is generally speaking the only sound basis for arriving at a good solution.

Being a small company with short decision paths is often valuable. Flexibility has also been an essential condition that has enabled us to accumulate the expertise we have today. Since we are not tied up by the standardization demands that are usually imposed in large companies, we can easily adapt to the continually changing needs of the market and operate as the small specialist niche partner we are today.

SMTE Teknik AB is part of Bergkvist svets & mek AB.

BSM is a complete engineering company and subcontractor?in steel fabrication for the steel, construction,?paper, energy and mining industries. The company is?based in a 6500sqm facility in Borl?nge containing gas/fine-plasma cutting, cutting, bending, welding, machining?and assembly of mechanics/electrics/hydraulics. The?company also employs a team of travelling steel assemblers.?BSM is certified to the welding standard EN ISO 3834-2?and meets the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001?and SS EN 1090-2.

SMTE Teknik


Epiroc ?r ocks? en av v?ra samarbetspartners som vi har samarbetat med i m?nga ?r (tidigare Atlas Copco Rockdrills) inom gruvmaskiner. Samarbetet omfattar ocks? underleverant?rer f?r montering av borriggar och konstruktion och tillverkning av specialkomponenter.

Vi tillhandah?ller tj?nster och ?r ?terf?rs?ljare av Atlas Copco:s entrepren?rsutrustning.Atlas Copco?is also one of our cooperating partners with which we have been associated for many years in the field of mining machinery. The cooperation also includes sub-contract assembling of drill rigs and the design and manufacture of special components.



Guide wheel assemblyGuide wheel assembly

Guide wheel assembly

Rubber cushioned guide wheels are used to dampen out lateral movements of conveyances running on fixed shaft guides. Wheels are available as single units or as 2 or 3-wheeled assemblies.

Wedge rope cappelsWedge rope cappels

Wedge rope cappels

Wedge cappels are standardized in sizes from 40 up to 160 tons break load. They are suitable for connection of stranded construction hoisting ropes ranging from 16 to 40 mm diameter.

White metal sockets are available for attachments of round balance ropes and for hoisting ropes of locked coil construction.

20 tonnes DSL-type skip20 tonnes DSL-type skip

20 tonnes DSL-type skip

Bottom dumping skips are made for any payload capacity, either with stationary bucket (DSL) or with tilting body (Jeto). Man and material cages are made with single or multiple decks. Skip loading arrangements are supplied, based on weight or volume measuring. A wide range of rope attachments for hoisting and balance ropes is available, including rope load equalizers with mechanical or hydraulic function.

A unique conveyance overwind arresting system using stainless steel rods to absorb the energy is also part of our range of accessories to winding installations.

Typical headframe for vertical shaftTypical headframe for vertical shaft

Typical headframe for vertical shaft

Hoisting equipment is delivered to mines in all corners of the world. We are often consulted at the project stage and can thus offer customized designs to suit almost any shaft configuration, either vertical or inclined.

Our products include ore skips, cages, counterweights, rope attachments and a multitude of other accessories required for a complete installation.

Cleaning of ingot mouldsCleaning of ingot moulds

Cleaning of ingot moulds

Ingot casting moulds need be cleaned of remaining scales on the interior prior to each now cast in order to avoid surface contamination of the produced ingot. Efficient cleaning is received by controlled spraying of a small quantity of clean high pressure water on to the still comparatively hot mould shortly after dumping of the ingot. The shown installation is fully automated and consists of two spraying lances operating in parallel. This machine cleans more than 80 000 moulds each year.



The SampSafe is a remote controlled, movable robot for temperature measuring and sample taking in a furnace. The SampSafe is moved to the working position immediately before sampling. When not in use, the sampler is parked in a protected area at a suitable distance from the furnace, without obstructing transport, service work or furnace changes etc.

Roof mounted Lance ManipulatorRoof mounted Lance Manipulator

Roof mounted Lance Manipulator

Each individual lance manipulator is matched to the specific conditions in the application, such as the space available in the plant and the shape of the furnace. Where floor space is not available close to the furnace for mounting of a standard manipulator the entire unit can be suspended from the roof and arranged to be fully retracted when not in use.

Standard Lance ManipulatorStandard Lance Manipulator

Standard Lance Manipulator

SMTE is the only Nordic manufacturer of remote controlled manipulators for the lances used for injecting oxygen and additives into electric arc furnaces.The lance control system enables the operator to work at a safe distance from the melt. The standard mounting position is close to the furnace.

Atlas CopcoAtlas Copco

Atlas Copco

We have retail sales and service of light contracting equipment such as hand hold tools and hammers of Atlas Copco make. Our region includes the Swedish provinces of Dalarna, H?rjedalen, N?rke and Nother H?lsingland as well as sales of hydraulic hammers and crushers in the province of V?stmanland.


Here is a list of some of our customers.

  • ABB Industrial Systems AB
  • AGA AB
  • Avesta Sheffield AB
  • Boliden Mineral AB
  • Edelstahlwerke Buderus AG
  • Ellwood Uddeholm Steel Co.
  • Epiroc Rock Drills AB
  • Fundia Bygg AS, Mo i Rana
  • Fundia Special Bar AB
  • H?gan?s Halmstadverken AB
  • Imatra Steel Oy Ab, Finland
  • Kremikovizi State Company
  • LKAB
  • Ovako Steel AB
  • Scana Bj?rneborg AB
  • Svedala Industries
  • Uranium Corporation of India ltd
  • Velco GmbH
  • Zinkgruvan Mining


Siv K?llman

Order / inventory / management

0243 - 841 70



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